Fried Crawfish Tacos

Open Taco

Open Taco

We boiled crawfish on Saturday and with Cinco de Mayo on Sunday I decided why not use the leftover crawfish to make a Mexican dish Louisiana style.  Frying the crawfish give the tacos a nice and satisfying crunch.  Since we boiled the crawfish I did not season them before frying since they already had plenty of seasoning from the boil.  If using frozen crawfish they will need to be seasoned accordingly.


1lb Crawfish

1 cup fish fry of choice ( I used Zatarains Southern Fish Fry)

1/2 cup yellow mustard

8 inch flour tortillas

1 Onion

Pepper Jack Cheese

Sour Cream

Pico de Gayo


1 cup vegetable oil


Heat oil to 325 degrees.  Mix mustard with 1 cup of water.  In batches dip crawfish in mustard mixture then dredge in fish fry.  Fry crawfish in batches until golden brown about 5 minutes stirring occasionally to keep from sticking together.  While frying crawfish slice onion and caramelize in pan over medium high heat.  Warm tortillas following package directions.  To assemble spread tortilla with sour cream.  Top with crawfish, cheese, onions, pico de gayo, and a little torn cilantro and enjoy.

Finished Tacos

Finished Taco


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